Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The cutout LBD

I was looking on ASOS for a dress and it came to my attention there is a fine line between a great design and showing too much skin. The trend of the cutout dress has this issue. I have come to the conclusion that to avoid looking like you've just come off the street (never a good look), anything you cut-out in material must then be added on somewhere else, usually in neckline or length. I have picked out a few examples that I think manage to show your assets but remain classy.

1. Name: ASOS Cut Out Popper Dress
    Price: £40
    This comes in 3 colours, Greenlake, Cream and Black (shown here). It features cut out detail to the sides with press stud fastenings to the centre, a scoop neckline and mini length styling. With regard to my rule above, what it take from the waist it makes up for in neck line. If you have a small waist this is the perfect way of showing it off without wearing bodycon.

2. Name: ASOS Cut Out Shift Dress
    Price: £35
This also comes in 3 colours, Berry, White and Black (shown). It is a mini dress with cut out detailing to the back and sides with shaped panelling and a button fastening to the reverse. Not seen in the picture the front is completely covered with good tailoring and the angle of the cutouts give a sliming effect.

3. Name: ASOS Cape Back Waisted Dress
    Price: £35
This comes in just one colour, black, and I suppose would get listed as a backless dress rather than cutout, but I thought it a good demontration as backless dresses have the backs "cut out". It features a cape detail to the shoulders and back, a deep V-neckline and a fitted panel to the waist. It is more floaty in design and will move well with the cape back moving showing varying amounts of skin. Lovely V-neck is made up for with ruffle sleeves mimicking the cape.

I know all of the above are from ASOS (I should really have shopped around) but the same rules apply to any dress. You can find this style dress in most shops. I also realise all the above are around the same price mark (I usually go for a range) but as they are pretty cheap I hope this isn't a problem. I am happy to source some other from either end of the price spectrum.
 I love this look and for someone as pale as me the LBD look really works in contrast with my skin tone. I hope this was helpful and please comment or ask any requests :)

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Guy meets Girl

I have recently noticed a look that I am in love with and will fit right in this spring/summer. It's a guys' outfit been modified for girls. The traditional chinos and shirt. It came to my attention lookking at the Jack Wills spring season.
  (this guy is wearing Fred Perry...I think)

It is the perfect look for when you want to feel summery and casual but are reminded by the weather that it's still Britain, and a white summer dress is out of the question.
 It is versatile and can be worn with a blazer or Arran knit. I like to pair the look with some boat-shoe moccasins and retro sunglasses too.
These pictures are from Jack Wills. They offer a range of colours and fits for the shirts and chinos. My personal composition is a blue and white pinstipe, classic fit shirt with olive chinos. JW also do this style glasses but you can get the above from for less. Moccasins and boat shoes in different styles can be found in many places. The blazers and knits are also available from JW (by chance) but looking around a variety of places can piece together this look.

Hope you like this and manage to find what your looking for. If anyone would like me to source other alternatives just ask,( I do realize this has unintentionally used alot of Jack Wills.)  :) xxx