Monday, 24 January 2011

The Cricket Jumper

A sleepy English mid-summers day. Sitting on the lawn, sipping a cool drink as the warm, British, summer sun beats down. It can only be the traditional cricket match. But as the sportsmen themsleves now tend to opt for more high performance fabrics the old traditional jumpers are no-where to be seen on the field. As they say goodbye as sportswear they are welcomed in to there new position in the clothing foodchain.....womens fashion!

I have picked out three sweaters ranging in price and origin.

1. Designer:  People Tree
    Price: £90-£95

As you can see it comes in blue (the Birkbeck) and in traditional white (the Oxford). People Tree is a wonderful company to support. It is an ethical brand using only fairtrade methods. The jumpers are 100% cotton and handkitted. The company has close connetions with many celebrity supporters including Emma Watson (modelling above).

2. Designer:  Fred Perry
    Price:  £125 (on sale on at asos at £87)

This Laurel Beaded Puff Sleave sweater has branched away from the original model and has a more fitted, feminine, retro look. It is also made with 100% cotton and has been seen sported by Holly Willoughby.

3. Designer: Gunn and Moore
   Price: around £20

These are great value as they come from a sports outfitters not a fashion brand. They are 100% acrylic and come with a huge range of rib colour combinations. They are sized as mens/boys garments but there is a size chart with measuments you can convert.

They are a great garment to have, providing warmth (we still live in Britiain!!!) but still looking good. They fit in with a heritage theme, often seen in the Jack Wills collections. Some, like the Fred Perry have been modified as a female garment but otherwise they make an awesome boyfriend, oversized jumper from Ralph Lauren or designers that only make male ones.

If anyone has a particual garment or trend they are interested in finding I am happy to do some research and come back with a range of options (as here).



  1. i should invest in one! lovely blog :)

    The Flower Girl


  2. Haha yeh...petty they don't come in floral! thanks :) xxx